This is a space for me to share my thoughts, spread the word, and grow the community

My friends call me Oli, but you might know me under the tag of “baboyam.” It is a Korean term my partner gave me, which essentially means “fool” but in an endearing way. If you know the card Gorganian Tome, you basically know how this blog’s name came into creation. Think of this as a space where a silly guy writes and shares stories about Flesh and Blood.

Traditionally, card games have not been able to sustain a local gaming community in Vancouver (or BC in general) for the better part of the decade. You are either a popular card game for collectors (Pokemon – realistically, no one plays the game, they just collect) or you are Magic the Gathering. Some card games will gain traction upon release, but will quickly die and fade. I created this website to share with others that you do not need to have an extensive TCG competitive background to be able to play Flesh and Blood and/or have fun. All you need is to come with a bit of enthusiasm, an open mind, and you will discover this gem of a game. I would love to see this game flourish in my own city, and I hope that my passion for this game will be contagious. If you are curious to learn how my own personal journey into FAB, you can start with my introductory post.

Oh, and yes, I love dogs. The American Eskie is Shiro, and the Toy Poodle is Cola.