Infinity Games – Skirmish Season 2

It has been a while since I have written anything in this blog. Honestly, I have been a bit burnt out by FaB. A big reason behind that is because of how much time I spent playing the last Skirmish season (over the span of almost 3 months of playing every weekend in addition to weekly tournaments). I have been playing in a few tournaments here and there since Monarch pre-release, but my performance has been fairly poor (missing on the top 4/8 cuts, coming out with 2 wins out of 4+ rounds). I did manage to snag a CF Iris of Reality before the Armory Kit prizes were all distributed, but that was lucky because my loss came to Eric at the end of the night, and he deferred the first place prize. It was my last chance to get one of these, so shoutout to this guy!

Ripping open Monarch 1st edition boxes was pretty fun, other than the really poor quality control of the cards. I ended up getting my first few legendary CFs, so I was very happy to finally add some of those to my collection. I ended up with 3 CF Vestige of Sols, which was a pretty lelelel moment. However, it seems collectibles on a whole, have been on a downturn in terms of selling, so it has not been a good time to unload anything extra in my collection. I also need to give a shoutout to the FaB Canada mods. They were ripping open Monarch 1st edition boxes for people in the discord for reaching 500 members. I was lucky enough to win the raffle to get 4 packs, and on the very last pack on live stream:

Yup, Jordan ripped open a CF Library live on stream for me!!! That was an amazing moment, and I was fortunate to be able to witness it live. Major shoutout and thank you to Jordan and Rob for supplying the boxes out of pocket. This is definitely staying in the collection as my first ever CF fable.

Anyway, that brings me to today’s tournament for Infinity. If you recall from my other posts, Infinity was not able to get into the previous Skirmish due to being a new retailer, but because of all of the hard work on Dillon and Eric’s part with running weekly events, the store was eligible for a Skirmish event for Season 2. This been one of Dillon’s goals, so it’s great to see him rewarded for everything he has poured in. Also a shoutout to these two for giving me the Players Champion Mat from the previous Armory Kit (Wartune Herald) as a thank you for writing the blog. I was not expecting it, and I am more than grateful for the act of kindness on their part.

Onto the meta: it seems that most of the OG heroes are still the most prevalent and dominating on the scene. In Blitz, we still have Ira, Kano, Dori taking the top spots (it does seem like Dori has fallen off a bit though). Chane has broken on to the scene, but my experiences with him have been very luck driven. When it works, it feels very good, but when you miss on the banishes, it feels very bad. Overall, I’ve just had some very bad luck with him, and I would rather deal with Ira’s bad luck of 4 red cards in hand than Chane’s random soul shackling shenanigans. CC is a whole different matter, but we barely ever have any CC tournaments in Canada, so for the most part, this has been fairly foreign to me. I have heard Prism is shaping up to be a very good CC hero, along with Chane.

I wanted to make sure that I performed to the best of my abilities for this tournament, being one of the hometown Skirmishes and this being Infinity. I opted to go with Ira in the end (I know, super lame), but it was what I felt has been the most consistent. If I wanted to perform well, I had to go with her.

Round 1: Alvin – Chane
This was mostly a back and forth game of both of us chipping in damage here and there. Alvin had a big turn with Soul Reaping, getting the banish effect off and going into a red Rift Bind to get me down to pretty low life. Fortunately, I swung back at him with Life for a Life (making face tanking the previous turn worth it), Needle, Leg Tap, Rising Knee Thurst (blue), Kodachi, ending him at 1 life. It came down to his soul shackling luck, and he banished 2 2-cost blood debt cards with only 1 card in hand that was blue pitch. I was able to block out his one big attack with my hand, and he died to the 1 blood debt remaining in his banished zone. Alvin still managed to get me to low life, so this could have been a different game if he had Carrion Husk, Art of Wars, and some of the other major Chane pieces.

Round 2: Christopher – Dori
Chris was running Ironrot Plate and Helms, so he did not have the full equipment suite that Dori needed. He went first and played a Rout, chipping in 1 damage. I got lucky on a following turn, having a yellow Flic Flak to block out his Ironsong Response. This was on a turn where he broke the Bolters to get in the second hit, so I was able to prevent one of the big turns Dori has. There was another turn where he face tanked all of my damage and started his turn with a 5 card hand, but in the end, he was only able to get in 7 damage. He mentioned at the end of the game that he had an E-Strike arsenaled and had not read the card (needing to replace a card). At this point, life totals were 4-1 in my favor. This game was closed out with just chipping in with Kodachis and eventually he couldn’t block out all the damage in one turn and chipped the last one point of damage through a Flying Kick. He mentioned he had grass in the morning, which affected his thinking xD.

Round 3: Ross – Dori
This game had a lot of early aggression from Ross – Singing Steelblade along with 2x Stroke of Foresight brought me down to below 10 very early in the game. He had another big turn with a Steelblade Supremacy and Sharpen Steel. Life totals were at 5-4 when I passed back to him, and I drew up the dreaded 4x red hand. Ross started his turn with a 3 card hand – pitched a Steelblade Supremacy, swung naked Dawnblade. I blocked with a the Mask and Breaking Scales and Ross kept the 2 cards, arsenaled one. My 4x red hand was 2 E-strikes, so I opened with E-strike for 7, Snapdragon, and then another E-strike for 8. The rest of the turns consisted of chipping in with Kodachis and blocking naked Dawnblade swings. Most of my turns were not impactful, so Ross was able to just keep blocking, but eventually he decked out and could not block the Kodachis anymore. I was fortunate enough to keep the armor until late game, which helped me stay afloat. I know Ross had put in a ton of defensive reactions for the Ira match up, so this game had gone almost to time.

Round 4: Matteo – Prism
From speaking with Matteo, he mentioned this was his first tournament. Impressive that he was 3-0 in his first tournament and running Prism as well. I found this game to be pretty rough on my end, not really being able to do much against his large Herald attacks. I tried my best to keep things out of Prism soul as long as I could, but eventually he started amassing a bunch of cards in his soul and started pumping out the shields and chipping for 1 dmg (Matteo was running the yellow pitch style deck with Luminaris). The end of the game came to both of us at 1 life and going to time as we were not able to determine who the winner would be. Matteo even offered to concede, which was a very nice gesture on his part, but it did not make sense to me to accept it given the uncertainty of the outcome. Definitely need to be more wary of how many Prisms show up in the local meta, as this felt like a very hard matchup for me to come out on top. The only 2 6 power attacks I run are CnC, and he was running a lot of the Herald attack that gives -1 power to defending cards.

Round 5: Bui – Bravo
One of the least fun matchups for me, since it really comes down to whether or not I can rush Bravo down to one life and chip in the Kodachis. This was a passive start, and it was very hard for me to get Bui down to a low life, as he ran the full 6 Blessings of Deliverance and 2 Sigils of Solace, all of which came out pretty early. I had a bad misplay on a crush card where I was only thinking of the crush effect and didn’t factor in the discard effect from Pummel. I knew that the Pummel was coming because of the remaining pitch and cards, but still opted to block and take 3 only, because I knew with the Pummel, I could still react with a red Flic Flak, but I completely forgot about having to discard. I thought this would have been my downfall, but I was lucky enough that rest of the game was very passive on Bui’s end, and I could just slowly chip him away with the Kodachis and make him commit to every attack.

Final top 8 standings:

Top 8 breakdown:
Oliver – Ira
Eric – Ira
Christopher – Boltyn
Alan – Kano
Matteo – Prism
Bui – Bravo
Ross – Dori
Clinton – Dori

My goal for today was just to hit top 8, so I was happy with the end result. It hasn’t been a great start of the weekend, so this was a nice positive outcome for me.

Quarterfinals: Clinton – Dori
Having the 1 seed and opting to go second helped me start with an advantage in this matchup. I haven’t played Clinton’s Dori before, so I wasn’t sure whether or not to run the Needle, but I did end up doing so, and it paid off in the end. This really came down to a pretty big swing turn on my end. I had to arsenal a blue Rising Knee Thrust on turn 1, which I was afraid would come back to haunt me, but it ended up contributing on the swing turn. Opened with Kodachi, Needle, blue Rising Knee Thrust (the one in arsenal), popped Snapdragon, Hurricane Technique, Flying Kick, which brought him down to 2 life. From there, I kept the momentum with a CnC turn which took out his arsenal, and Razor Reflex’d a Needle on a consecutive turn for the win.

Semifinals: Alan – Kano
While Bravo is one of my least favorite matchups, Kano is my most hated matchup. I started this game going second and with a Sigil in my opening hand, which felt like a great start. And then the following turn, I drew an all red hand on a turn where he came in with a red Voltic Bolt, so I had to face tank all of it. This game felt pretty bad. When it came down to it, I was not able to have the blues when I needed them. When I threatened lethal, he was able to come in for 16 damage to finish me off. Some Kano shenanigans of Lessons in Lava x2, Tome of Fyendal for the draw, Chain Lighting, Blazing Aether for exact lethal based off what I had left to pitch for Arcane Barrier. Probably could have done a few small things differently, but this largely felt out of control on my end. Can’t be salty about the high roll, because it is a card game!

Finals were between Alan and Eric (another Kano vs Ira matchup), but I had to leave to get this writeup down, but congrats to the two finalists! A big thank you to Dillon and Eric for hosting. This was a 10$ Skirmish (which is unheard of), and Dillon offered prizing raffled and for top placements, which is more than what most stores bother doing for these Skirmish events. And he kept it at 10$ for entry!! Most stores charge 30$ with no prizing other than the LSS prize support. While I fizzled out in top 4, I was still happy to have made it this far, just after the really bad series of games I have had in other tournaments. Until Ira is proven to not be as consistent, I think I will have to keep sticking with her – although I have had some incredibly bad luck against Kano’s in general, no matter which hero I am playing. Rough times!

Header image: Flic Flak by Daniel Jimenez

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