Monarch Spoilers, Prereleases, and Prism

I’m going to change it up for this post, as I am officially also on the Monarch hype train. My previous three posts have detailed how I got into the game, my initial steps as a collector and as a player, and the experience I have gained through Armory and Skirmish events. But let’s turn aside the serious talk and just get hyped for the upcoming set, which is releasing in literally less than a week. One of the most exciting things these past 2 months or so has been helping Infinity Cards grow the local scene here in BC. We originally started with barely managing to have 8 players show up to an Armory event, and now we are able to have 16 or so players every week with a few additions from the rest of Canada.

Even though we are still a relatively small population compared to the rest of the provinces, we have managed to grow enough in a short amount of time to allow Dillon (store owner) to really establish himself in the scene. His first Armory kit was basically a 1/4 leftover of a month’s kit but since then has received full kits for March and April. The other amazing piece of news was that he was able to secure 2 prerelease kits for Monarch which is pretty bonkers considering his store is very new. Dillon and Eric have done a great job in growing the scene and promoting extra incentives for locals to sign up and play. For the most part, I believe we have cultivated a very good community here where everyone is welcoming to new players and patient with teaching them the game. If you are still thinking about playing FAB, there is no better time with all of the marketing that is going on for the game. There might be a few spots left for the prerelease, so I definitely recommend messaging them for a spot! It’s one of the cheapest, most affordable prices to get some 1st edition packs. BC also has a few other stores hosting (Mostly Games and Collectibles and Treasure Chest in Coquitlam). Definitely check those two stores out. Unfortunately, Magic Stronghold has already sold out on their spots, so you are left with a LGS in Victoria and one in Prince Rupert. If you are around that area, you should attend! Keep in mind the local health authority travel restrictions though and stay safe.

I remember all the discussion surrounding who the last hero was going to be for Monarch. A lot of people were clamoring for a Light Wizard because of the art direction of the game, and there were talks about Prism being the final hero because of Boltyn’s backstory in the lore referencing Prism. Levia’s backstory had Chane in it, and lo and behold, Chane was the 2nd hero revealed to us. But who would have thought that our last hero would not be one of the existing classes, but a LIGHT ILLUSIONIST:

MON] New Hero, Prism. Light Illusionist : FABTCG
I have found my new favorite waifu

LSS, you guys are on a whole other level on your marketing strategy and your design philosophy. The only thing to expect from LSS is to just always expect the unexpected because anything we thought was to be true, has proved otherwise. Here we all thought we had our 8 established core classes, but and now we have another one thrown into the mix. Although, Mech not actually be a class, but a talent because of the region border. Check out this article for further details surrounding the theory; it’s a very good read. I am a bit concerned that our card pool keeps getting diluted further and further and there isn’t support for some of the remaining classes (feelsbad Ranger – I really wanted Azalea to get some support), but we’ll see where it goes from here. I feel like LSS might focus on the Light and Shadow for Kingdoms and then a supplement set for all of the classes like Crucible, but who knows. That would fall under “expected” and we all know by now that LSS will throw curveballs at you just when you thought you had them figured out. We have Legendaries that are non-equipment, we have specializations that are not Majestics and only share the talent rather than the class, whoo boy, this game could literally go anywhere. They could go the route of focusing on two talents for 3 sets and moving on, but who knows now that we have so many more classes and potentially more still to come. Even though I mention my concerns, I’ll keep the faith in this company because of everything I have experienced so far. I’m in it for the long haul.

Probably won’t be posting another post until post-Monarch prerelease weekend. If you’re still looking for an event around here in BC, hit me up and I’ll see if I can get you in! In the meantime, good luck to all of you ripping open 1st edition packs prerelease weekend and may you open some FIRE.

PS: Thank you LSS for coming out with Prism because Levia didn’t really spark a huge interest in me. Although Levia does look very cool (love the Young version art). Also just kudos overall on the whole art direction of this set. It’s amazing!

Header image: Prsim, Sculptor of Arc Light by Livia Prima

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